In this episode Sean Archer joins me in discussing the perplexing Godzilla (1998) and The Golden Child

Release: 1998
Director: Roland Emmerich
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria

Golden Child
Release: 1986
Director: Michael Ritchie
Stars: Eddie Murphy, J.L. Reate, Charles Dance, Charlotte Lewis

Simpsons cast

Apparently the Simpsons main cast make just over $300,000 per episode. So for a 22 episode season they make about $6.6 million a year. I gotta get me some voice work!

George RR Martin Sci-Fi Series

The show’s called “Nightflyers”. It was a show that lasted 1 season that’s based on a novella and a series of short stories by Martin. The horror Sci-Fi show was about a group of scientists on a ship called the Nightflyer on their way to make first contact with an alien species. You can find it on Netflix.

Is Manhattan built on Landfill?

Well, it is called reclaimed land. Which is a combination of all the dirt that is dug up for foundations or moved and also landfill. This is all compacted together until it is above water, leveled, and ready to take the weight of structures and vehicles. So this is not all of Manhattan but mostly Lower Manhattan. According to Wikipedia is the area south of 14th Street. This area includes Wall Street, The World Trade Centre Site, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, The Meat Packing District, SoHo, Greenwich Village, China Town, etc, so anywhere that all the cool people in movies and TV like to hang out.

Puff Daddy Videos

Ok my remembering the story of the video is a little off. There is a concert Puff Daddy puts on but he isn’t trying to get there he just kind of ends of there after being shot out of an elevator and turning into an angel(?). And Godzilla isn’t dancing, it is that he is just making his way to see the concert…. That is all VERY ridiculous but it is still more enjoyable than the actual movie.

All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)

I really like all the versions of this song but this mix just really gets me. I think it more has to do with the video than anything else.

The Rock was featured in a song? YES!

I really love this song! The beat, they lyrics, the video. IT”S SO GOOD!

To Clarify

I noticed I misspoke, not a new thing, but when I said “You know its a good movie when you can watch it on mute and you still know what is going on”. What I should have said is, “you know it is good storytelling if you can watch it on mute and still know what is going on.” It is a small distinction but I think am important one that needed to be said. And this is because film is a visual medium and that medium should be used to tell the story.

Who I was talking about

Genndy Tartakovsky – I feel so bad that I always get his name wrong and I really need to fix that. What he does is fantastic.

The Gross Part of movie Kate & Leopold

I had to find what this was and I do not remember this at all, either I just pushed it out of my mind or I just forgot cuz I haven’t seen the movie over 10 years, and what I found was that Stuart (The guy who went back in time) is Kate’s ex-boyfriend. She goes back in time to be with Leopold (who is Stuart’s great‑great‑grandfather) at the end of the movie and it turns out she is Stuarts great‑great‑grandmother. Ew.

A Gnome Named Gnorm

Oh my. Sean’s description did not do this title justice. You have to watch this trailer yourself…. And yes, that is Anthony Michael Hall.

Off My Shelf made it on to a list!

That’s right! People are listening and enjoying the show and I made it onto a list, the Feedspot Top 35 Canadian Movies Podcasts! It’s so exciting! I am at #31 but there are some great shows on the list and maybe if I keep this up it can only get better and I will find myself even high or even on more lists! Thanks to all my guests and listeners!

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