In this episode Alix cook joins me in talking about 2 films that are so 90s it hurts with Magnolia and Mallrats.

Release: 1999
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Stars: Tom Cruise, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Philip Baker Hall, William H. Macy, John C. Reilly,

Release: 1995
Director: Kevin Smith
Stars: Jason Lee, Shannon Dorherty, Jeremy London, Claire Forlini, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker, Ben Affleck, Stan Lee

Magnolia Frog Rain

Ok so, I found this article by Film School Rejects about it and according to it, we may have got the movie wrong but somehow came to the same conclusion(?). Here’s the article:

Dixon’s Rap

It is called “The Worm”. Can you figure out what he’s talking about?

Presence – with a double ass meaning
gifts I bestow, with my riff, and my flow
but you don’t hear me though
think fast, catch me, yo
cause I throw what I know with a
Resonance – fo’yo’trouble-ass fiend in
weenin yo-self off the back of the shelf
Jackass crackas, bodystackas
dicktootin niggas, masturbatin’ yo trigga
butcha y’all just fake-ass niggas —
— livin’ to get older
with a chip on your shoulder
‘cept you think you got a grip,
cause you hip gotta holster?
Ain’t no confessor, so busta, you best just
Shut the fuck up, try to listen and learn —
Check that ego – come off it –
I’m the prophet – the professor
Ima teach you ’bout The Worm,
who eventually turned to catch wreck
with the neck of a long time oppressor
And he’s runnin from the devil, but the
debt is always gaining
And if he’s worth being hurt, he’s worth
bringin’ pain in
When the sunshine don’t work, the Good Lord
bring the rain in.
Now that shit will help you SOLVE the case.

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