For this episode I have collected a marvelous muster of meeple to murmur about mirthful mass media.

This year we are talking about tv. Holiday tv to be specific. Each of my guests picked a holiday favourite to talk about which includes episodes from Alf, Batman: The Animated Series, Futurama, Leverage, and The Simpsons.

Alf – S2E12 – Alf’s Christmas Special

Batman: The Animated Series – S1E2 or E38 – Christmas With The Joker

Futurama – S4E2 – A Tale of Two Santas

Leverage – S3E14 – The Ho Ho Ho Job

The Simpsons – S7E11 – Marge Be Not Proud 

That Movie You Like The Sequel

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Bats Movie

Here is the movie poster, which looks cool, but check out the IMDB, doesn’t sound so cool.

Christmas Quiz

  1. When the episode starts, Alf is singing a modified version of the 12 days of christmas. What day of Christmas is he on? 82
  1. What did brian (the little brother) get for christmas? A red bike kit
  1. Alf pretends to be a doctor, what name does he use? Gordon Shumway
  1. What Movie does Robin want to watch when they get home that Batman has never seen? It’s a Wonderful Life
  1. Joker gets 2 henchmen to blow up the President’s Bridge. What 2 reindeer names does he call them? Donner and Blitzen
  1. Mommy Lawful gets a present. What is it? A doll, a Betty Blooper Doll
  1. What human does Fry think can deliver all the gifts on Christmas Eve? Evil Kenevil
  1. When Bender gets arrested, as part of a newspaper headline, who is still at large? Chanukah Zombie 
  1. How did Mr Dooley become in charge of the mall? He inherited it from his father
  1. How much money did they steal? $50 Million
  1. What name does Milhouse enter into the game? Thrillhouse / Thrillho
  1. What does Jimbo use his 4-finger-discount on? A Football
  1. In Bart’s vision, what Christmas present does he get in juvenile hall? A soiled wig
  1. What did Homer get Marge for christmas? An ironing board cover
  1. What do all these episodes have in common?
  • They all have a star trek connection
  • Alf – Lady giving birth in the elevator
  • Batman – Voice of Bullock
  • Leverage – Aldis Hodge and Wil Wheaton
  • Simpsons – Don Bordka
  • Futurama – Phil Lamar

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