In this episode Adam Upper joins me in talking about 2 iconic, but very different, 80s movies with Predator and Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Release: 1986
Director: John Hughes
Stars: Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, Harry Dean Stanton, Andrew McCarthy, James Spader, Annie Potts

Release: 1987
Director: John McTiernan
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Kevin Peter Hall

Busta Rhymes – Dangerous

This is the video we were talking about. It’s so great but so weird. LOVE IT!

Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More

I was wrong, it’s not this song that was on the compilation album, this was on “Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front”

Busta Rhymes – Light Your Ass On Fire ft. Pharrell

This was the one on the compilation “The Neptunes Present… Clones” which had great songs and artists on it.

List of Predator Movies

I’m pretty sure this is all of them

  • Predator – 1987
  • Predator 2 – 1990
  • AvP – 2004
  • AvP 2 aka Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem – 2007
  • Predators – 2010
  • The Predator – 2018
  • Prey – 2022

Of course there is also a series of books, some comics, and video games

Predator Opera (The Musical)

I have no words….

Furtuama Joke

If you don’t know, here you go

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