It’s the fourth annual Off My Shelf Holiday Extravaganza!

For the holiday season I have gathered a carefree caboodle of cacophonous characters to converse about cheery chicanery,

This year we actually ARE talking about movies off my shelf. The only 2 legit holiday movies that I own with Love Actually and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

My guests are Alix Cook, Jessica Lutzer, Mike Linington, Sean Archer, Leah Erbe, Mike Suderman, Brendan Crates

Love Actually
Release: 2003
Director: Richard Curtis
Stars: Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Liam Neeson…and a lot more

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Release: 1993
Director: Henry Selick
Stars: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O’Hara


The very popular British program was on from 2001-2004.

The people n this show and in the movie Love Actually includes Andrew Lincoln and Nina Sosanya.

Christmas Quiz Pt 1

  1. In the wedding scene, a band is hidden amongst the guests, what song do they play when they make themselves known? All You Need is Love

2. Billy Mac’s video for his surprising smash hit “Christmas is all around us”, emulates a cheery version of the video for this song by Robert Palmer. “Addicted to Love”, “Simply Irresistible”, and “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On”

3. What is the pendant of the necklace that Harry buys for his would-be mistress? Gold Heart with a ruby.

4. This actor in Love Actually had his big break playing an exceptional villain in another “holiday” classic. Alan Rickman

5. 2 years before the release of Love Actually, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant worked together on this movie that begins in the Holiday season and the love interest is also confusingly body shamed for her figure. Bridget Jones’s Diary.

6. How many storylines are there in Love Actually? 9
Guy who goes to America
Colin Firth and Portuguese lady
Married couple and guy
Bill Nighy
Porn star stand ins
Little kid in love
Priminister and lady
Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman
Co- worker romance

Bonus: Which actor in Love Actually connects this episode to the first episode of Off My Shelf 2021? Chiwetel Ejiofor

The Nightmare Before Christmas Alternative Album

Found it! Its call “Nightmare Revisited”. Released in 2008, the album includes artists like Marilyn Manson, Korn, The All-American Rejects and more. Here’s a sample:


I believe this is what Leah was referring to:

Christmas Quiz Pt2

  1. At the beginning of the film, as Jack slinks away from all the praise and adoration, he passes the band and one of them calls him this somewhat scandalous sounding name. Bone Daddy

2. In Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack finds the Holiday doors, how many are there? 7
Valentines Day
St Patrick’s Day
Independence Day

3. The Halloween doorway is sandwiched between these 2 holidays. Independence Day and Christmas.

4. What is in the hair of the guy under the stairs? Spiders

5. This SCTV alum and the screen matriarch of the McAllister family also voices Sally in Nightmare before christmas. Catherine O’Hara

6. What are the names of the Boogie Boys? Lock, shock, and barrel

7. What is Zero’s nose? a tiny glowing jack-o’-lantern.

8. What well known cartoon character can you get a glimpse of on the table when Jack does his experiments? Mickey Mouse

9. Glenn Shadix, who voices the mayor, is hilarious as Otho in this other Tim Burton halloween classic. Beetlejuice

Bonus: Chris Sarandon, the speaking voice of Jack Skelingtons, was also a character in this show? Hint: Part of one of my favourite franchises to talk about. DS9

Quiz winner: LEAH!!!

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