In this episode Julian Spillane is here to talk about 2 films based on books, Get Shorty and Ghost World.

Get Shorty
Release: 1995
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito, John Travolta, Delroy Lindo, Dennis Farina, Danny DeVito

Ghost World
Release: 2001
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Stars: Steve Buscemi, Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson

My guest Julian also has a podcast and just released a video game. Here’s how you can find him.

Julian: @JulianSpillane on twitter

Podcast – B3 – Bits, Bytes and Bourbon
Instagram: @b3podcast

Video Game – Mighty Fight Federations
Available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Twitter: @FightMighty
Instagram: @FightMighty

Get Shorty – The Novel

The movie Get Shorty is based on a novel released in 1990 of the same name written by American novelist Elmore Leonard

Get Shorty TV Show

Here’s a link to the IMDB for the 2017-2019 show:

I may have to track this down and torture myself. I am running out of other things to watch…

Chili Palmer Credit

A small correction, Ernest ‘Chili’ Palmer is credited as “Bones’ Buddy #2”. It is the last acting credit shown.

Ghost World – The Graphic Novel

Ghost World is based on a graphic novel of the same name released in 1997 by Daniel Clowes. The graphic novel was a collection of 8 comic books originally released as issues 11-18 of Clowes’ comic series Eightball.

You Do it to Yourself

If you didn’t know the Radiohead song I was refering to was “Just” that was part of their album The Bends released in 1995. I was a few years off. Also, the song and video, still AWESOME.

Art School Confidential

Art School Confidential was a film released in 2006 starring Max Minghella, John Malkovich, and Anjelica Huston and a few other face you would recognize. It was based on another creation by Daniel Clowes but this time it was a 4-page comic that was part of issue #7 of Eightball.

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