In this episode Leslie Miller and Michael Freethy joined me to chat about the short lived but critically and commercially acclaimed Chappelle’s Show.

Chappelle’s Show
Seasons: 1&2
Release: 2003-2004
Creators: Neal Brennan, Dave Chappelle
Stars: Dave Chappelle, Donnell Rawlings, Rudy Rush, Charlie Murphy, Neal Brennan


The show had 15 seasons starting in 1995. Key and Peele were on the show together from season 9 to 13

Phil Lamar and Star Wars

As mentioned he did do voices on Star Wars: The Clone Wars but he also did Star Wars Resistance, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The Old Republic video game and many other video games, and Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace. So he has done a lot of voice work with the franchise.

Patrick Warburton

He does the voice of Brock Samson. You may also remember him from Seinfeld where he played David Puddy and he also played The Tick in the first live action iteration of the show.

 Rastamouse theme song

Trapped in the drive thru

I prefer to link this instead of an actual R Kelly song. He doesn’t deserve my or your clicks. Also I totally listened to this whole thing before embedding it. It still brings me such joy.

In Living Color

So I was talking about a skit called “Men on Film” and apparently I only remembered half of the skit cuz there is a “to be continued” at the end of the first half. So it kind of saves itself. Here are the 2 parts.


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